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03 Jul

Once a Year Fashion Shoot

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During my annual trip back home to Hawaii, I usually perform a fashion shoot of some sort. This past year was no different. But instead of a full shoot I had enough time to just grab a single picture. So I hope you enjoy it 🙂

30 Dec

Joli Robinson Hawaii 2011

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I was showing Joli around the island and we decided to stop to take a quick snap shot in the lotus pose.

22 Dec

Olivia Lakis

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Olivia Lakis is a rare find here in Vegas. Young (18), tall (5’11), and truly built for high fashion and runway I just needed to shoot with her. She performed well during our shoot and I have high hopes for her future success.

07 Dec

Corinne Doherty X Ferrari F430

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A huge issue I have with cars + girls is that the women in the photos rarely ever look classy and in most cases it comes off as an almost trashy import type of feel. With this shoot I was determined to do the exact opposite.

21 Feb

HI fashion

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For my annual trip back home to Hawaii this year, I decided to do a last-minute fashion shoot.  With only two days before I returned to Vegas, I didn’t have much time to prep; but luckily, I did have an awesome and extremely talented team to back me up.  The most important member of that […]

30 Nov

Justine Miguel-Godfrey

Behind The Scenes, Fashion by jordan@shirakiphoto

Not too long ago I was given a Hot Babes of Hawaii 2010-2011 calender. It now adorns my bathroom wall and the month of November is hands down my favorite month of the entire year. This is mainly due to the fact that a very special friend of mine is featured as Miss November. There […]

02 Nov

I’m back: my first high fashion photoshoot in 8 months

Behind The Scenes, Fashion by jordan@shirakiphoto

Because I’ve been focusing almost entirely on cars, its been quite a long time since I’ve done a full blown fashion shoot. This entry will show the entire process I go through to put on a high fashion photoshoot. Searching for a model. Being in Vegas makes this pretty tough. Sure we have beautiful women […]