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01 May


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I wanted to announce this exciting step forward graphically with a new facebook cover image. The design represents a controlled chaos. I have a biology degree, thought I wanted to be a doctor, found a passion for exotic automobiles, and now I’m throwing design into the mix. At times it feels like I’m at a loss of direction and that the ideas and imagery in my head are just a convoluted mess. But in the end, things always seem to come together. And the single decipherable line represents the order that always arises in the midst of the chaos.

15 Jan

If there was a twelve-step program for business card design, I’d be in it.

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I’m that guy. The guy that will purchase a new drink at his grocery store just because its in a cool bottle or has some slick packaging. I’ve always been a sucker for great design and business cards are no exception. I think a lot of the intrigue has to do with the challenge of […]

04 Aug

official shirakiphoto t-shirts

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I decided to make work t-shirts for myself so that when I traveled to events people would be able to recognize me a bit easier. And the first time I used it was during the goldRush Rally put on by The shirts worked wonderfully and the reception was even better. I had so many […]

25 Jul

Official Launch of the shirakiphoto | store !!!

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After two months of a lot of hard work I’m happy to announce that shirakiphoto | store went live today! Prints of all genres will be available for purchase as well as limited edition apparel. Click here to check out the store. Thanks again to everyone for all their support.