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02 Oct

Britney Spears Work B*tch & Lamborghini

Behind The Scenes 5 Comments by jordan@shirakiphoto

An exclusive behind the scenes look at Britney Spears latest hit music video, “Work Bitch” provided by Jordan Shiraki | ShirakiPhoto

13 May

Happy Mother’s Day 2012

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To celebrate all of the amazing mothers out there I decided to show my appreciation by offering professional photographs to any mom and their families that wanted pictures free of charge. I partnered up with Central Christian Church here in Henderson NV and couldn’t be happier to provide some lasting memories in for all of the amazing women on this special day.

22 Dec

Olivia Lakis

Behind The Scenes, Fashion 10 Comments by jordan@shirakiphoto

Olivia Lakis is a rare find here in Vegas. Young (18), tall (5’11), and truly built for high fashion and runway I just needed to shoot with her. She performed well during our shoot and I have high hopes for her future success.

09 Dec

BehindTheScenes: Photoshopping to Perfection

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Car: Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SuperVeloce in Bianco Canopus (matte white) Where: Down town Las Vegas How: I usually have pretty good shots straight out of the camera but this was a reject because it required too much work. I then had some free time so I thought I’d show you exactly how I transformed this picture. 1. Cloned out this […]

07 Dec

Corinne Doherty X Ferrari F430

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A huge issue I have with cars + girls is that the women in the photos rarely ever look classy and in most cases it comes off as an almost trashy import type of feel. With this shoot I was determined to do the exact opposite.

05 Apr

Audi Billboard

I was recently hired to shoot a billboard for Audi Henderson to showcase their beautiful new building. I’ve never shot architecture before especially on something of this scale, so I knew I had a daunting and intimidating task ahead of me.  Nevertheless, I love challenges and knew that I would be able to execute a great photo; it would […]

21 Feb

HI fashion

Behind The Scenes, Fashion 28 Comments by jordan@shirakiphoto

For my annual trip back home to Hawaii this year, I decided to do a last-minute fashion shoot.  With only two days before I returned to Vegas, I didn’t have much time to prep; but luckily, I did have an awesome and extremely talented team to back me up.  The most important member of that […]

12 Feb

architecture photography

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I was recently hired to shoot a building for an advertisement; but to my frustration, I quickly discovered that architecture photography was much more difficult than I ever anticipated. Hopefully this blog entry will save you some of the headaches that I had to go through. This whole ordeal made me realize that I had […]

15 Jan

If there was a twelve-step program for business card design, I’d be in it.

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I’m that guy. The guy that will purchase a new drink at his grocery store just because its in a cool bottle or has some slick packaging. I’ve always been a sucker for great design and business cards are no exception. I think a lot of the intrigue has to do with the challenge of […]

13 Dec

Update: Lamborghini Portfolio

Automotive, Behind The Scenes by jordan@shirakiphoto

So, I guess they liked it! Stephan Winkelmann (pictured above) is the CEO/President of Automobili Lamborghini and flew in from Italy. I was told that he really liked what I have to offer and even called over the COO and together they looked at it again. Also, the head of Lamborghini North America and the […]